We are excited to welcome Leora Hillman to the marketing team as an intern!  Leora is scheduled to graduate spring 2023 from University of North Dakota with her Bachelor of Business Arts degree in marketing.  She is excited to learn more about marketing, especially digital, analytics, and social media.  Leora’s favorite part of marketing is creating experiences. Whether it is through social media, digital channels, or more personal interactions, she believes it’s important to make it count. She loves to discover what will make the best experiences and then make it happen.

When she is not busy working, Leora can be found running her kids around to dance, karate, or the park.  She loves to read and always looking for good book recommendations.  Along with her family, Leora tries to spend as much time as she can outside in the warm months hiking, exploring, and camping!

We are thrilled that Leora is a part of our team!

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