Our Moore Family is growing! We are so pleased to announce that Markie Smith has joined our marketing team as a senior proposal specialist! She comes to Moore with a wealth of experience in proposals and loves to use her MBA and undergraduate experience in marketing, graphic design, professional writing, and information design to create visually compelling and compliant proposals. We have had such a great time getting to know Markie and wanted to introduce you to her with a little game of Either/Or!

Night Owl or Early Bird?

Night Owl

Taking a meeting at 10 pm or any meeting before 8 am?

I would take a 10 pm!

95.7% finished DIY home project or hiring out?


Rescue Mutts or any other animal?

Rescue 100% I love my “pippet’ (Pitbull/whippet) named Captain!

Warm Beer or Cold Drinks?

Warm Beer

Crazy Busy or Peace and Quiet?

BUSY! Last year I finished my MBA the day before my DIY wedding to my college sweetheart Devon!

Thrillers or Comedies?


Lake Superior North Shore or Any place Tropical?

Lake Superior is my favorite place. There is a crater you can climb down into on a black sand beach just outside of Duluth, MN! I highly recommend it!

We are so happy Markie is a part of our team. She brings a fresh perspective and bright energy to our team! We would love for you to join the team as well! Find your future here.

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