Moore Holding Company is excited to welcome John McGeady as a member of its board of directors.

“John brings a strong history of identifying strategic fits and guiding growth companies like ours,” said Jeffry Volk, Moore Holding Company board chair. “He brings remarkable acquisition expertise and a full career of leading successful organizations.”

McGeady is currently the managing partner of Blue Sage Growth Partners (BSGP), a strategic advisory and acquisition group focused on the Mountain West. He was formerly with Tamarack Fund, a family office in Kalispell, Montana, with multiple holdings including manufacturing, professional sports, real estate, and ranching, and is past president of Therma Wood Technologies in Polson, Montana.

“When I look at getting involved with any company, I start with values,” said McGeady. “And on that front, Moore Holding Company is an ideal fit. Additionally, they’re growing, have the strategic readiness to accomplish their goals, and, as an employee-owned company, deeply invest in finding and retaining the best people in the right seats.”

“John is the right fit for our board,” said Shane Waslaski, Moore Holding Company CEO and board member. “He’s an astute strategic thinker and possesses deep expertise to advance our current growth trajectory.”

“Growth is vital to any successful employee-owned enterprise like Moore Holding Company. To achieve that growth, we’re continually working to expand our services, our geography, and our family of companies. John will be integral to getting us there,” Waslaski added.

“John also brings a rich diversity of experience, growing up in Ireland, including international sales, and formerly serving as chairman of the Utah Warriors, a Major League Rugby team from Salt Lake City. He has a remarkable ability to extend these experiences to the business conversation at hand.” McGeady joins board chair Jeffry Volk and board members Dennis Elbert, Dean Atchison and Moore Holding Company CEO Shane Waslaski.

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