We’re thrilled to welcome Brian Haugen to the Moore Holding Company family as our Director of IT! Brian’s journey from his roots in Hannaford, North Dakota, to leading IT across our enterprise is a story of adaptability and growth.

Brian’s career began with a strong foundation on his family’s farm, instilling in him a deep work ethic and a knack for creative problem-solving. Later, his career trajectory took a turn toward technology. In college, Brian accepted an intern position at Intelligent InSites, where he served in a variety of positions during his 13-year tenure. While there, Intelligent InSites was acquired by Infor, and later by Koch. Through these organizational shifts, Brian gained valuable experience in IT management.

In 2023, Brain made his first move to a new organization by joining CNE. This fall, he transitioned to Moore Holding Company as Director of IT. In this position, Brian’s experience in IT management now benefits the entire Moore Holding Company Enterprise – including Moore Holding Company, Moore Engineering, and CNE. His ability to take on new challenges at a larger scale is a testament to his versatility and skill.

Brian sees close parallels between his IT career and his passion for tabletop gaming. When learning a new game, he enjoys the process of defining the rules and figuring out the best ways to operate within them. At work, he applies the same level of creativity and enthusiasm while building iron-clad IT solutions.

Living in Moorhead with his wife Brandy and their dog Kaito, Brian balances his professional life with personal passions. He’s an avid tabletop gamer, enjoys sand volleyball in the summer, explores the sea while scuba diving on vacation, and loves jogging with Kaito.

We’re excited to see the impact Brian will have in his new role and look forward to the innovative solutions he will bring to our team.


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